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Excell Career India, is a excellent learning institution for civil services. It was started by Mr.KalyanSundaram, a fromer civil servant from the 1983 Batch. Excell Career India has been producing a number of successful candidates every year. Taking some factors like Time, Space in Classroom and Geographical location into consideration, Excell Careers India is starting Online Coaching ( Virtual Class Room's, Online Reading Material and Such ) so that in an inclusive society aspirants have access to information, Knowledge and Coaching at an affordable cost and at all times and in a convenient location.As computers embraced a symbol of individual expression and liberation Excell Career Online is promoting this Online coaching for all competitive exams particularly for the civil services for the first time in India. A realm of intimate personal power is developing among youth, - The Power of individual to conduct his own education, to find his own inspiration to shape his own environment and career.With the Union and State government trying to empower the marginated, desperate and dispossessed, this online coaching will benefit all individual aspirants who are located in remote corners, colleges and universities no matter what their financial back ground might be..

You can!

Before we start our long journey the bare minimum preparation needed is - to know where we are now!

A few weeks back, a final year graduate student from one of the nearby colleges approached us. ''I want to become an IAS officer... but the exam if very tough... I am not that intelligent'', that person said. Only after that conversation did we realized that most of us still think IAS is only for the brilliant few with extraordinary academic track record. If you too are of that opinion, just take a few minute to browse the internet or a few competition magazines featuring the annual IAS exams results. Very soon your idea about this exam will be changed. Very soon you will realize that this Exam is not an exclusive property of the ''genius'' type.

Every year among the candidates selected for the IAS, among the candidates who scorer high ranks out of the 2 lakhs-plus candidates appearing in this exam, there are many candidates, who are from very normal background. For instance we know a few of them who had done their schooling only in village / Govt schools, who had worked in very low-profile jobs like being an usher at a cinema hall, many whose parents were not graduates, a few who did not have the chance to enroll in a regular college, many who did not have their education in English medium... the list goes on. Take some time to browse some competition magazines or to have a chat with someone who had cleared the Exam recently-you will believe what we are say.

But it is not without reason that the IAS exams are widely perceived to be the toughest ones in the country. As we know, this exam is unmatched by any exam in terms of the range of subjects being tested, the duration of the entire process from applying to final results, the methodology of testing involving three stages that tests entirely different sets of capabilities, the very low success ratio among the candidates etc.

While those things are true, the popular perception that IAS Exams are only for ''intelligent people'', who graduate from the best professional colleges in the country, is at best-only a perception, a myth. The reality is that the IAS Exams are not intelligent tests; they are not designed to purely test your IQ or something. To clear the Exams you just need to have a minimum threshold of intelligence, and the mere fact that you are able to read this line and understand its meaning, proves that you are above that minimum threshold level! Beyond that minimum cut-off level of intelligence what matters is that whether you believe in yourself or not. If you believe you can do it, nothing else matters.

The deciding factor in this exam is not your parents' job or income, your schooling or the college you attended or if you are genius or not; it is just-what is in you?

  • Is your dream strong enough to make you complete, this tiring race successfully?
  • Are you ready to give one hundred & One %commitment to this exam?
  • Are you open to learning new subjects and adapting to new situations? And above all- Do you believe in yourself.

If your answer to these questions is ''Yes!'' then be prepared to attend IAS or IPS or any other service of your choice to add to your name-that day is not far away dear!!

Forget your past. Just remember three words till you achieve your goal of getting a top rank Responsibility, Effort and Discipline. These three words should be one's motto till the day you see your name high-up in the final list of selections or even after that.

Very often we come across candidates who say, ''I want to write the exam because my father wants me to be a DM''. Such answers amuse us. Please do not get us wrong; we do not intend to say one should not listen to elders. We are just trying to drive home the point that, the ultimate responsibility for your goals is-YOU. Only you. Success or failure is primarily yours and you should realize this fact. The preparation is your responsibility-not only of your parents', mentors' or any coaching institute's or anybook's! We all can make the task a bit easier for you, but it is you who should own it. So, firstly convince yourself that you are the one who is ''in Charge''. Once you are convinced that the responsibility is fully yours, there willno morebea problem for you to take efforts in the direction of achieving your goal of life.

''I prepared for 16 hours daily; still I could not clear prelims this time''. What?!!! Sixteen hours?! First of all let is all remember that we all are human beings and not lathe mechanics. We are saying something as basic that because the moment we say ''effort'' candidates equate it with the number of hours of work put in and people start shouting out numbers like sixteen hours, fourteen hours etc as if an auction is going on! By ''effort'' we mean good quality, smart efforts. Just ask yourself a few things like-Am I giving my best to preparation? Are my efforts going in the right direction? Can I sustain for a long time at this level of hard work? If your answers are ''No'', then you will end up like that unfortunate candidate who prepared for sixteen hours daily and still could not clear the prelims. Ensure that you focus more on quality than merely on the quantity of hours, spent in preparation. Just have in mind that Effort has two faces-qualitative and quantitative. Focus on both of them makes equilibrium. Also have in mind that this exam is not a 100m race-but an unnerving marathon.

Discipline is the third major ingredient required to meet the demands of the exam. Discipline channels your responsibility and effort in the right direction. Imagine a race car with extraordinary power and great pick-up. But without something as basic as a steering wheel that race car is just a piece of junk. Discipline is that steering wheel which forces you in the right direction and makes you reach your goal. Discipline also involves a lot of sacrifices ranging from missing your parent's phone calls o skipping your best friend's wedding. Unfortunately, there is no other way out. To be a winner you have to be disciplined and systematic enough to-avoid the numerous distractions, strictly follow a study routine, maintain a balance in the preparation schedule and above all, remain calm amidst the highs and lows of the exam. No pains, no gains!

Throughout your preparation just remember the three words-Responsibility, Effort and Discipline. No matter who you are or where you come from, this mantra will surely take you closer to your goal.... more importantly remember that being a genius is not a prerequisite to succeed in this Exam. You are intelligent enough to become a winner!