About Us

Excell Career India, is a excellent learning institution for civil services. It was started by Mr.KalyanSundaram, a fromer civil servant from the 1983 Batch. Excell Career India has been producing a number of successful candidates every year. Taking some factors like Time, Space in Classroom and Geographical location into consideration, Excell Careers India is starting Online Coaching ( Virtual Class Room's, Online Reading Material and Such ) so that in an inclusive society aspirants have access to information, Knowledge and Coaching at an affordable cost and at all times and in a convenient location.As computers embraced a symbol of individual expression and liberation Excell Career Online is promoting this Online coaching for all competitive exams particularly for the civil services for the first time in India. A realm of intimate personal power is developing among youth, - The Power of individual to conduct his own education, to find his own inspiration to shape his own environment and career.With the Union and State government trying to empower the marginated, desperate and dispossessed, this online coaching will benefit all individual aspirants who are located in remote corners, colleges and universities no matter what their financial back ground might be..

Online Tools to Support Your Individual Learning Style

Like an on-campus class, Excell's online classes include essential educational components such as lectures, readings, slide presentations, multimedia clips, evaluations, quizzes, and exams. Moving beyond the walls of a brick-and-mortar classroom, online classes use sophisticated resources and communications tools that enhance learning.

Threaded Discussion:
Online discussion forums help you dialogue, discuss, and debate with your classmates and the instructor at your leisure, day or night. Integral to the online learning experience, these discussions enable you to articulate your understanding of the course content while learning from your peers.

Audio and Video Lessons:
You can access audio and video clips that simulate class presentations where renowned professors and industry leaders bring practical insights from the industry. With these high-tech features, learning is effective, memorable, and compelling. One-on-One Interaction with Instructors and

Do you like to ask a lot of questions, receive personalized feedback, and talk frequently with peers? Whether you are outgoing and demand frequent interaction with others or are more reserved and prefer less interaction, Excell's online class structure provides the flexibility to fit your needs. Through group projects, threaded discussions, and e-mails, you develop and strengthen your writing, critical thinking, and team-building skills. Collaborative communication is a central component to Excell's online degree programs.