About Us

Excell Career India, is a excellent learning institution for civil services. It was started by Mr.KalyanSundaram, a fromer civil servant from the 1983 Batch. Excell Career India has been producing a number of successful candidates every year. Taking some factors like Time, Space in Classroom and Geographical location into consideration, Excell Careers India is starting Online Coaching ( Virtual Class Room's, Online Reading Material and Such ) so that in an inclusive society aspirants have access to information, Knowledge and Coaching at an affordable cost and at all times and in a convenient location.As computers embraced a symbol of individual expression and liberation Excell Career Online is promoting this Online coaching for all competitive exams particularly for the civil services for the first time in India. A realm of intimate personal power is developing among youth, - The Power of individual to conduct his own education, to find his own inspiration to shape his own environment and career.With the Union and State government trying to empower the marginated, desperate and dispossessed, this online coaching will benefit all individual aspirants who are located in remote corners, colleges and universities no matter what their financial back ground might be..

Advantages of studying online

    Convenience. With online courses, one can learn at their own schedule and even continue working a full-time job. Even better, you can read and study during the time of day when you are most productive and not when the register says you should be. Also what's convenient is, is when you are overwhelmed with balancing work and other commitments, you are in a position to stop for a while and start studying when you are free again.

    Control. You can learn at your pace. You have the freedom to skim subjects you know well from either other courses or from work experience and spend more time studying subjects that you are having a hard time grasping. Of course, for this to work, you must be honest with yourself about what you truly know and don't know.

    Connection. Online courses are interactive, which means you will get feedback from your instructors and peers, and possibly even more individualized attention as well. With distance learning, you are immediately connected with students from all over the country and this can greatly enhance your learning process and experience, opening your mind to a variety of viewpoints. And because all your materials will be in one place - in your computer - everything you need will be at your fingertips when it's time to communicate with teachers or fellow students. Please Note that the connectivity of online courses can turn into a disadvantage if you underestimate the time involved with reading class discussions about the course; it is easy to fall behind if you're not checking your messages daily. You may also crave in-person contact with teachers and other students, so this could be a disadvantage for some as well.

    Cost.Online courses are usually less expensive than traditional courses.

    Commitment No matter what class you're taking, one of the most important lessons you will learn from taking online courses is how to commit to something and follow through. In order to successfully complete online courses, you must be responsible and manage your time and resources effectively and efficiently, even more so than if you were taking traditional courses in classrooms. Although it may not be a major reason you choose to pursue online education, the enhancement of your personal growth and commitment is a definite advantage to taking online courses.